Students' Associations

Mayanja Seventh day Adventist Community (MSAC)
It‘s an Adventist (SDA) community in MTI with friendly, welcoming and God fearing students.

It started in July 2011 under the vision of Mr.Muhabwe Innocent and Mr.Lahuka Moses, students at the Institute.

  1. To help individuals get a good personal relationship wit their God through personal Bible study and prayer.
  2. To develop contextual worship practices that is built on biblical principles and SDA foundation.
  3. To focus on being a church that is known and respected for its sound biblical understanding and teaching.
  4. To promote and enhance church unity across cultural and religious differences.
  5. To meet the needs of the community of MTI and Mbarara region at large.
  6. To lift the church’s (SDA) profile.
Mission Statement
To spread the good news of GOD’S day of rest the “Sabbath day” by helping people n MTI know abut it through scripture reading and discussion.(Genesis 2:1,3).

Worship Programme
Friday 7:00 P.M (fellowship)
Sabbath 9:00 A.M. Sabbath school and 11:00 A.M divine worship
Note: Therefore as God’s chosen people holy and dearly loved, cloth yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Come and learn with us the truth about God’ day of rest the “Sabbath day”.
May the spirit of our Lord be with you all.

By Muhabwa Innocent
Chairperson (MSAC)

Born Again Family (BAF)

The born again family is an Association of consisting of Christian students of MTI which begun in April 2011 by a group of born again students led by Kyarisiima Irene who was the vision bearer.
To keep the fire burning in MTI. Leviticus 6:12
  1. To see many student giving their lives to Jesus as their savior.
  2. To build altars of prayer in MTI.
  3. To establish and strengthen unity in Christ among students.
  4. To enhance spiritual maturity amongst members through different ministries like preaching, praying, praising and worshiping.
  5. To bridge MTI with other Institutions.
Always forward in Jesus

Every who believes in Christ as his or her personal savior is a member of this Association.
Mayanja Moslem Students’ Association - MMSA

This Association started in 2010 with 3 Moslems, but now it has got over 30 Moslems.
  1. To unite all the Moslem students under one family in MTI
  2. To practice Islam effectively within the Institute
  3. To bridge the gap between Islam and other Associations in the Institute
  4. To create good morals among Moslems and other students
  5. To make friendship with Islamic schools and Associations in Uganda

Runyakitara Mayanja Students Association - RUMASA

Composition: Banyankole, Batoro, Bakiga, Banyoro, Banyarwanda, Bafumbuira, Bamba, Babwisi and Bakonjo
Vision: To form a united, co-operative and prosperous Banyakitara student’s association
Mission: Working together with a sense of belonging and collaborating
Motto: We stand to promote culture
  1. To mobilize all banyikitara students in MTI to work the attainment of our vision.
  2. To preserve, promote and develop our culture
  3. To co-ordinate and co-operate with other banyikitara speaking people in MTI as well as other well wishers.
  4. To promote and strengthen inter-cultural relationships with other partnership.
  5. To carryout small scale enterprises that can yield some interests to the association which can be used to help some members incase of financial crisis.
  6. To promote all the members aiming at strengthening their capacity to manage their own affairs
  7. To mobilize all the member focusing on their responsibilities regarding the political, economic, vocational, cultural and advancement for a contemporary mode of life.
  • Full membership: The one who belongs to the above tribes.
  • Honorary membership: The one who has rendered outstanding service to the association that seem to be useful to RUMASA
  • Association Membership: Any association or organization with similar objectives to RUMASA
Muhwezi Christone, Chairperson
+256 701319366
+256 787491628
West East North of the Nile Students’ Association - WENSA
The Association covers members coming from the above mentioned regions.
Vision: To consolidate co-operation and understanding among the students and all parts of the country.
Mission: To promote unity among WENNSA members and have amicable collaboration with other Associations.
Motto: Unity is Strength
  1. To advocate for a common interest among WENNSA members to support and work for the attainment of the vision, mission and motto of the association.
  2. To mobilize WENNSA members aimed at strengthening their capacity to put in use their skills and knowledge for a productive living.
  3. To promote and strengthen intercultural relationship
  4. To promote academic welfare of students of WENNSA and the entire school
Ordinary Members: This covers students of Mayanja Memorial Medical Training Institute who are from West, East, and North of the Nile. Their membership shall be confirmed upon payment of 1000= once, and an annual subscription of 5000= (Five thousand shillings only). This then shall grant them the opportunity to vote during Association elections.
Associate Members: These are members coming from the above mentioned regions but are not students of MTI (Mayanja Memorial Medical Training Institute) and well wishers within and outside the Institute. They shall pay an annual subscription fee of 8,000= (Eight thousand shillings only)
However the annual subscription fee (both ordinary and associate members) is liable to change as shall be approved by the members of the Association.
+256 775240085
+256 756442266
Bankosa Association
It is a club of baganda students and well wishers in Mayanja Memorial medical training Institute. The NKOBAZAMBOGO STUDENT’S ASSOCIATION is headed by Mr. John Kasinga Kalibbala who is the Patron.
  1. To disseminate and consolidate our culture and norms.
  2. To unite all members and beneficiaries as of rights of the association as here in under categorized.
  3. To promote mutual understanding among baganda and all students of other tribes in MTI
  4. To participate in activities intended to raise welfare and standard of its members and entire MTI community.
  5. To endeavor to raise and carry the banner of development far and wide by sensitizing parents and the young generation about the value of education and evils of disease, ignorance and poverty. By doing so, the association shall encourage the attitude towards progress in light of our changing circumstances. This shall be done through visits to schools, organizing discussion in the Institute and other cultural functions.
  6. To work in close solidarity with other organizations in the University, Institution and schools within and outside it, and to cooperate with individuals of all nationalities and background in search for improved human understanding provided that such cooperation doe not contravene the principles of the Association.
  7. To watch very carefully the progress of the students academic performance, thoughts and actions and to maintain an independent critical attitude towards the Association and to communicate this attitude to the entire MTI students which will help in offering critical help in the creation and shaping of anew order of peace justice and social equity.