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Mayanja Memorial Medical Training Institute(MTI) was established to respond to the increasing demand for health professionals in Uganda and the region. The products of the institute will be able to work both locally, nationally and internationally. The institute was conceived in March 2008 and registered in August 2008
A centre of excellence in providing quality and relevant medical education. As we empower them to serve.
To produce competent health professionals with skills to offer holistic health care services locally, nationally and internationally
  1. To provide training to students in health related disciplines by promoting innovative health professional education.
  2. To enhance the capacity for research and carry out research in priority public health problems.
  3. To collaborate with the MOH, national and international institutions, organizations and international agencies to promote training and research in public health.
  4. To provide consultancy services in health / public health issues in the region.
Core Values
  1. Professionalism
  2. Care
  3. Integrity
  4. Responsibility
  5. Compassion
  6. Accountability
Administration and Governance
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors (BOD) is the registered legal owners of MTI.
Governing Council The Governing Council (GC) is responsible for formulating operational guidelines and policies for the Institute. The Council meets quarterly.
Technical Committees Under the GC, there are technical committees namely:
  1. • Academic Board - responsible for the academic issues of the institute
  2. • Finance, Planning & Development - responsible for the financial matters of the institute
  3. • Appointments Committee - responsible for staff appointments.
  4. • Student Affairs - responsible for the student discipline and welfare issues
. Student Guild
The student body is led by the students' guild headed by the guild president.

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The Academic Registrar, Mayanja Memorial Medical Training Institute invites eligible applicants who wish to be considered for admission for Certificate and Diploma(s).



1. Certificate in Medical Laboratory Tehniques

2. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

Nursing Midwifery

1. Certificate in Midwifery

2. Certificate in Nursing

3. Diploma in Nursing (Extension)

4. Diploma in Midwifery (Extension)

Clinical Medicine

1. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health

Science Exhibition

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